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Guilty Pleasures, Volume 1

by Mr. Bitterness

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Basil A different sound than the previous albums, without loosing the quality and signature sound of Mr. Bitterness. It takes a true artist to be able to keep your signature sounds, but still evolve and never get boring. Upbeat, maybe slightly less sinister, never boring and always rich in sound. Top notch album. Favorite track: Face the Music.
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In these days you're either fighting for the future, Or you've settled in and accepted common crime, You've bought the blade but can you afford the suture? We've got the cure but it will cost you overtime We've all been driven to distraction, We're all consumed by all the things, It's just a chemical reaction, It's just a fact we're all jacked-up on dopamine (chorus) Oh no here we go again, I've said too much I think I lost a friend, All outrage and adrenaline, Oh no here we go again Did you hear the things they said, We're all so blue from seeing red, Shut the shades I'm staying in, Oh no here we go again We've all achieved the disease of the disaffected, Woe be to thee if you color outside the lines, The system's stacked against the poor and the dark complected, The streets were empty but now it's the time of the signs, It's just a sign of the times Homeless man says "hey brother man can you help me?", People keep walking and somebody flips him the bird, More and more we're working poor but voting like we're wealthy, Compassion's out of fashion and the whole damn thing is absurd, A discouraging word We give no fucks for any others, We only care what's coming through our screens, No longer the keepers of our brothers, Do the "trends" justify the means? (chorus)
Lights Out 04:33
The politics are dancing And they're playing cute The warning lights are flashing, Does not compute We've got to raise the roof, Before we climb the walls, They're killing sacred cows, In hallowed halls The powers that be, Say there's nothing to be done, But we can dance and sing, We can still bang the drum Chorus Lights Out (lights out) Let's Shout (let's shout) Let Loose (let loose) Jam out (jam out) Let's Live (let's live) Tonight (tonight) Forgive (forgive), Take Flight (take flight) The panic's setting in, to this apocalyptic disco, You have to ask yourself, Just how far can this go? If you feel burnt out, Just can't find the spark, What you dream by day, is better in the dark (Chorus) Dance to the end of the world, Dance with a boy or a girl, Dance just to know you're alive, Gonna party like it's 1985 It's our last sunset, As the empire fades, It's much too late For passing grades As the curtain falls, Put your hand in mine, Here come the fighter planes, Party over oops out of time…
I didn't notice, I couldn't see, What love had done to me… I couldn't tell you, I couldn't find, The words to ease your mind I tried to tell you, I couldn't say, The words got in the way I tried to show you, You couldn't see, What love had done to me Day and Night, Wrong or Right, We ebb and then we flow, Move fast, Stay low (Chorus) Stay together, Stay forever, Stay and never go Please believe me, Don't deceive me, Stay together, Stay and never go…
Places and faces, Retracing the time, Reeling in feelings, Regaling in rhyme Resplendent dependence, Abysmal success, Failing and flailing, Resenting the rest Concealed and congealed, Mediocre myopic, Travails have revealed, Temper as topic Eternal defeatist, A perfect disaster, A humble elitist, A misguided master (What if we just tried to be happy?) Why start now? (What if we just tried to take it easy?) I wouldn't know how (What if we just tried to start over?) We've been over this before (What if we just tried to be happy? I don't have the key to that door Too late, Too bad, Tonight, So sad Relive, Reveal, Rebel, Rebuild Sometimes I can't help but think about the "what if's" All the "coulda's" and "shoulda's", Things I shouldn't have said, Things I wish I hadn't done, But all I can do now is just move forward, So I move forward, Definitely sadder, Hopefully wiser
No Matter what you're doing, Someone's going to ruin your mood and mess up your day, Some people just make their moves that way, Whether you're sitting at a Citgo, Sexting with a psycho, Just trying to put some balls in play, We've all got our dues to pay Are you saddled with self doubt, (Can you dream it?) Are you all in or all out? (Do you mean it?) Will you buy in or cash out? (Can you scream it?) Does the day just drag you down…? (Chorus) Time to face the music, Embrace the faceplant, Sometimes I think I can, But then again I recant, Heart as dark as obsidian, Say hello to oblivion, How's the wife and kids? It's too cold, too hot, Somebody took my spot, You can pretend not to chase or race for what you haven't got, The horse is out the stable, Lay your cards on the table, In the end you either hit or miss… They say that there's a reason, I know that there's a season, Like the day's gonna follow the night, And every day is another fight You can fake it 'til you make it, You can make it if you're fake but it Shakes up your sense of wrong and right, Keep it real or keep it high and tight? Are you a man or a mouse? (they've got you kneeling) Are you fed up with your spouse (fight the feeling), Do you live in a glass house (fix the ceiling), Are you still stowin' thrones? (Chorus) Miss Manners can you help me navigate my destination? besieged by banners, deluged by the devastation Don't know where I'm going I'll let you know if I get there, You can fight like hell, you only lose if you fight fair Ambivalent angels/holy ghost? devil may care… But I doubt it Thomas, Save the Dali's for your llama's. And the Dharma for your Mama used to tell me, Beware the shit they'd sell me, Turns out that she was struggling too, Don't doubt that it can happen to you You can stop believing, Or you can stop deceiving, Either way we've got shit to do, The lies you tell can tell you something true Are you lost in your mind? (are you still seeking), In the river of time? (your boat is leaking), Search the sky for a sign, (there's no peeking), Or keep your eyes locked on the road? (Chorus)


released March 9, 2021


Randal Helm

Tony Tewes at Fuerte Mastering (Pure-tone@live.co.uk)

Cover art & design by Mike Gregoire for TDX — defexperience.com




Mr. Bitterness Los Angeles, California

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